Zegama is Zegama, Tom Cruise, & 200-Mile Races (Ep.123)

Tom Cruise has broken into a sprint, dash, or jog in an impressive 44 of the 52 movies he’s acted in to date, begging the question: is Tom Cruise actually any good at running? On this week’s “Running Through the News” edition of Off The Couch, Salomon Athlete Leah Yingling stops by and we go searching for answers. Along the way, we chat about Kilian Jornet’s new shoe brand, NNormal; course records at the Zegama-Aizkorri Marathon; the rise of 200-mile races (and why women are absolutely crushing them); what mountain runner Joe Gray is doing to make the trails a more equitable space for people of color; and much more.


  • Leah’s Golden Ticket at Canyons 100k (1:46)
  • Jazmine Lowther’s breakout performance (5:13)
  • Western States nears! (6:36)
  • Fitness comes in many forms (9:29)
  • Leah’s Western States Training Camp (11:06)
  • Heat training & trash bags (15:05)
  • Zegama is Zegama (17:13)
  • Kilian Jornet & Nnormal (22:34)
  • Rise of 200+ mile races (27:22)
  • Why women have the upper hand (36:32)
  • Climbing all 247 Sierra peaks (38:22)
  • Redemption on the Arizona Trail (41:05)
  • Joe Gray on diversity & inclusion (43:47)
  • Track star Tom Cruise? (47:08)