Win a Sleep System from Zenbivy

Our reviewer and editor, Kristin, has been using the Zenbivy Sleep System for well over a year now and loves how all the pieces work together. Their MotoBed is similarly designed but it is specifically made for car camping — Zenbivy accurately describes it as an all-in-one bedroll. Set-up and breakdown are quick and easy since all you need to do is roll it out or roll it up, and the foam mattress “top” and thin, self-inflating air mattress “bottom” provide ample cushioning for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The MotoBed is a sleep system that feels more like a bed than a standard camping mattress sleeping bag combo. The foam mattress topper and air mattress fit nicely into a washable sheet that’s soft and more breathable than a standard nylon sleeping bag. And the rectangular comforter can be connected to the sheet for cold nights, or just draped on top when it’s warmer. Another favorite design feature is the hood that’s built into the sheet and fits a standard pillow (pillowcase included).

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