Trinity MTB on Their Wild High-Pivot Prototypes (Ep.125)

Trinity MTB’s wild V2 high-pivot prototype can serve dual-duty as an Enduro or DH bike, with or without a gearbox — to say nothing of the 3D printed construction, or any of the other fascinating design details. So we sat down with Trinity’s Chase Warner and Mic Williams to hear all about what is one of the most interesting bikes out there; learn the story behind its development; and get some teasers about the V3 bike, which they promise will be even wilder.


  • The origins of Trinity & Chase’s initial concept (2:30)
  • Getting Nigel and Mic on board (5:10)
  • The V1 prototype (12:20)
  • Revisions, refinements, & V2 (42:42)
  • V3, what comes next, & bringing the bike to market (1:02:55)