The Outdoor Gear Review: Pro VS Newb

This is a MAJOR topic and one that I recommend everyone pay close attention to as it can have major impacts upon your camping experiences.

This is Part 2 of the Pro Vs Newb video series and the topic of conversation today is Tents.  Specifically I am discussing an aspect that only a Pro knows and understands the differences of.

In this episode I will teach you how to look beyond marketing BS and how to tell whether or not a tent is going to be good for the type of adventure that you are going to go on.

Why is this important? Just because a company is selling a tent that they claim is the perfect 3 season summer tent doesn’t mean that it’s true.  In fact there are a ton of companies that are marketing and selling tents that they claim are for warm conditions that are in truth the opposite of what you really want to use in the warmer months.

With what I’m about to go over, it will be the difference between being comfortable in the outdoors and being absolutely miserable. 

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