The Outdoor Gear Review: I’ve NEVER Seen a Stove Like this Before

This stove is crazy!

– Crazy Design!

– Crazy Low Price!

You may be aware that here on the channel I have reviewed many strange and different stoves; different in that they feature designs and features that aren’t common with the majority of stoves that are out on the market.

Today we are going to take a look at another one of these strange stove – it cost $11.28 and at that price it includes the stove, the case and a butane gas adapter.

The main focus of this stove is the design of the burner heads…that’s right, this stove has 3 burner heads which is exceptionally uncommon when it comes to backpacking / camping stoves.

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3 Burner Head Stove Details : 

Fuel : IsoButane and Butane – Butane requires an Adapter which can be purchased additionally. The listing for this stove doesn’t mention running pure propane but I have seen other stoves that are identical to this one that come with propane adaptors.  I suspect that the stove will run on it with no issues. 

BTU’s : 23,000

Materials : Stainless steel, copper, bronze, plastic 

Measurement of Case : 5.9” x 5.9” x 3.5” tall

Measurements of Stove Set Up : 5.9” wide 3.35” tall

Price of Stove with Case : $9.78

Price of Stove with Case and Butane Adapter : $11.28

Versions : There is a single burner head version out there that is slightly less expensive. It offers roughly half of the BTU’s. 


Legs unfold and flip out

Integrated wind screen

Electric Ignitor 

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