The Outdoor Gear Review: How Can They Do It? Skyemac Sleeping Pad Review

Roughly a year ago I reviewed a mattress from a company called DOD Outdoors, it was a memory foam like pad that I liked a lot but the price was VERY high.

Fast forwarding to today, I have come across a pad that is very similar – one that is impressively inexpensive and also comfortable.

The DOD Outdoors pad was the Soto Small size and the product that I am reviewing today is the Skyemac Sleeping Pad. 

The DOD pad at the time I reviewed it was $300, currently on sale for $280 on Amazon – the Skyemac Pad at the time of filming is only $75 with the $15 off coupon that is on amazon.

This Mattress for the money is crazy good!


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Skyemac Sleeping Pad Information :

Skyemac Sizes : Single User and Double User

Skyemac Colors : Green top with Grey Bottom

Skyemac Dimensions : 79” x 28” x 4”

Skyemac Weight : 7lbs

Soto – 3 Sizes : 

The small version that I have Measurements Stored : 36” x 9” x 9”

Measurement Pad : 4” thick x 82” long x 31” wide 

Soto R-Value : 8.3

Soto Weight : 10.1lbs

Soto Cost : $299

Summary :

Just as I have done with the DOD pad, I’ve really grown to love this Mattress.  It’s on par with the DOD pad as far as comfort goes; it’s very comfortable and that applies to the double version as well.  I have that pad as well which I use at my son’s apartment, my wife and I sleep on it and we both agree, we both are very, very comfortable.  

If you’re looking for a versatile mattress, I would recommend taking a look at this…..the price is mind blowing and for money, it’s very comfortable as well as adaptable. 

Comparing : 

The Skyemac pad is slightly shorter, slightly less wide, has the same thickness.

The Skyemac pad is a lot lighter in terms of weight and significantly less expensive. 


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