The Outdoor Gear Review: Down Blanket for $55?

Over the last couple of years there has been a trending line of packable blanket products that have taken the camping / backpacking world by storm.

These products tend to be light in terms of weight, feature small form factors, some have down insulation, some synthetic insulation, they have low prices and are perfect for warm weather nights while out camping.

Over the years I have personally tested a handful of these products – you can find the reviews in the sleeping bag playlist on my channel.

Recently I had a viewer ask for my thoughts on this product and I had to admit, I wasn’t aware that OneTigris offered one of these Packable blankets.

Because of that viewer, Kai thank you for the product suggestion – I went ahead and ordered the blanket and here we are today.

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OneTigris Down Blanket : 


Outer Fabric : 20D Rip-Stop Nylon

– Lining : 300T Polyester 

– Insulation : 600 Power Duck Down Fill

Treatment : DWR

Stated Measurements Stored : 12” x 6.5”

Stated Measurement Unfolded : 79” x 55”

Stated Weight : 1.5lbs

Temp Rating

This is going to be subjective – I will be performing my testing shortly and will follow up as soon as I can in the review but based upon my experiences with similar products, a realistic estimate is comfort down to 50F – 60F.  These are warm weather blankets and this is the range which is typical for this category of product.

Colors : Ranger Green, Olive Green which you see here and Coyote Brown

Cost : Retail is $70 – I bought the Olive Green version that you see here for $60 on Amazon


There is a 1 person which I have and there is a two person version


Blanket, quilt, in a hammock or under one as an underquilt. The blanket can also be worn as a poncho or a cloak. 

Updated :

This is the updated version of this blanket – supposedly the company made the product softer and more comfortable against the skin.  I didn’t test the original version….as I said, I wasn’t aware that the company even offered this style of blanket.


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