The Outdoor Gear Review: Best Cold Weather Mattress I Have Ever Used

This is the Soto Mattress from DOD Outdoors; Soto means outside in Japanese. Speaking of which, DOD Outdoors is a Japanese outdoor company who has been impressing me a lot lately with their products.

With the Soto Mattress it is the most comfortable that I have EVER used but…..

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:: DOD Outdoors Soto Sleeping Pad ::

Sizes : S M L

Small : 1 adult

Medium : 2 adults 

Large : Good for 2 adults and child or dog

Measurements Stored : 36” x 9” x 9”

Measurement Pad : 4” thick x 82” long x 31” wide 

Measurement Pillow : 17.5” long, 12” wide x 2” thick self inflated but can be inflated via breath for additional thickness

Materials :

Pad/Pillow body : Polyester (TPU coating)

Middle material : Polyurethane foam

Sheets : Polycotton (80% polyester, 20% cotton)

R-Value : 8.3

Weight : 10.1lbs

Color : Tan

Cost : $299


Self-inflates to 70% – from there you can use the pillow to pump up the pad to the firmness that you desire.

My Use and Experience

I’ve been testing this product out for a number of months now, summer going into the fall and winter; I’ve used it on warm nights with temps in the mid 60’s and cool nights with temps down to 20f.

Review Pros :

Mattress is Supremely comfortable – sleep in any position and it’s comfort city – you aren’t going to feel anything that’s under you.

Pillow is very comfortable – it’s not thick but that’s how I like my pillows – your opinion may vary on this

Excellent quality 

Smart design – use the pillow to inflate the Mattress

Comfortable sheets 

Incredible r-value : does an incredible job at blocking the cold from underneath you – I used this on a truck camping trip and was really, really impressed at how warm and comfortable it was. This Mattress has provided the warmest and most comfortable nights sleep in my truck that I have ever had.

Versatile product – can use for camping, in a cabin, in your vehicle and so on

good looking product

Review Cons

Price : There is no way around this, this sleeping mattress is pricey. That’s not to say that it isn’t worth the cost as you are getting a lot for the money; the Mattress, a pillow, and sheets for both. This is a premium product and the price represents that.

Storage bag is a too small for this setup – requires a very tight roll for everything to fit

Cumbersome and a bit difficult to roll up

Summary :

While expensive I’ve really grown to love this Mattress. Again, it is by far the most comfortable Matts that I have ever been on.

The r-value is incredible for winter time camping and at the same time, isn’t all that warm in the summer.

If you’re looking for a versatile mattress, I would recommend taking a look at this…..if you can afford it. 


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