The Guide Life, with Ian Havlick (Ep.211)

I’m in Iceland this week, skiing at Deplar Farm and being guided by AMGA-certified guide, Ian Havlick. So in between our time skiing, we sat down to talk about Ian’s path to becoming a professional guide; the misperceptions about the profession; recommendations for how to get into guiding; we try to clear up the confusion around tipping; and more.


  • Skiing at Deplar Farm (2:27)
  • Ian’s path to becoming a professional guide (4:55)
  • AMGA Certification (13:34)
  • Guiding fly fishing (15:44)
  • Recommended steps to becoming a guide (17:53)
  • Responsibility & risk (28:11)
  • Tipping (37:52)
  • Guiding & family life (44:10)