The Best Puffy Blanket | Reviews by Wirecutter

Comfort: Just because these bags can withstand the elements best doesn’t mean they aren’t meant for comfort first and foremost. I looked through dozens of Amazon and manufacturer website reviews for each bag to see whether there were any glaring impressions of the fabric (scratchy, lumpy, etc.) and removed them from consideration. As a result of being ripstop nylon, some of the blankets I tested are relatively slippery. You need to consciously keep them on your shoulders if you wear them standing up, more than with blankets made from softer, grippier materials like brushed fleece or wool. Some of my test models came with features meant to make this easier, like toggles, snaps, and hand pockets—also making it possible to use your hands while wearing the blanket, which some people might appreciate. For blankets that are downproof—as in, they keep down from leaking out of the bag—breathability becomes a concern. No one wants to feel sticky in their blanket, so I looked for blankets that were marketed as breathable and had online reviews that spoke to that.