The 6 Best Leggings of 2022

Why they’re great: Lululemon is often credited with spearheading the fervor over pricey, bottom-boosting workout leggings, and our testers thought these leggings were worth the hype. (During our research, we often found them at the top of lists, including pro recommendations from The Strategist and Good Housekeeping.) Although we recommend other luxe-feeling leggings—and plenty of pairs that’ll give you a flattering shape—the Wunder Unders stood out for their perfect simplicity and exceptional quality. The design is spare, with no extraneous seams and one small internal slot pocket in the waistband. The leggings are made from a fabric the company calls Luon, which is meant to have a soft, cotton-y feel. And it does, though the fabric is more crisp than cuddly-soft, yet it’s definitely not slick or shiny. (We did notice some customer reviews questioning whether the fabric had changed over the years.) Though substantial, the fabric still manages to be stretchy, and it wore well during a variety of activities. These leggings are a bit heftier than, say, the super-luxe, extra-soft Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In the Midi High Waisted Legging, so we think the Wunder Unders could stand up to (and support) activities of many kinds. (This style also comes in a lighter fabric called Luxtreme, which we haven’t tried yet.)