Sunglasses Roundup 2022 — Part 2: Lifestyle

Luke: I’ve now included the Topeka in several of our sunglasses roundup, but I’m just gonna keep including it because I still really like it, and it’s held up well after ~4 years of use (arguably more impressive is the fact that I haven’t lost my pair…).

But, to reiterate what I’ve said in the past, I think the Topeka is a great option for those who want a casual-looking pair of sunglasses that can handle some light activity. Despite its understated looks, the Topeka actually does a pretty good job of staying put while hiking and biking, primarily due to its low weight and grippy silicone pads at the nose bridge and the end of the arms. However, those grippy parts aren’t so sticky that I find them pulling / catching on my hair, and mostly, I just forget about the Topeka when wearing it. 

In terms of fit and silhouette, I’d call the Topeka a “medium” size frame, with moderate coverage and a silhouette that I think will work for lots of face shapes / sizes. In my mind, its silhouette is like a more rounded / circular Wayfarer style. 

Like all of Sunski’s sunglasses, the Topeka comes in at a pretty reasonable price, is made of recycled plastic, and has a lifetime warranty. If you want a casual-looking frame that doesn’t bounce and slip like crazy when you’re getting fairly active, it’s one of my top recommendations.