Sunday Afternoons Hats for Winter Running and All Adventures Round Up Review

Sunday Afternoons Meridian Thermal Cap ($38)

With that out of the way, the Meridian Thermal Cap comes in 3 colors, black, tan and blue and is made from their new lightweight, four way stretch breathable Italian fabric.  The Meridian Thermal Cap is soft and insulated and streamlined enough to fit well under a climbing or bike helmet.  What is so nice about the Meridian Thermal Cap is that it is so versatile and the best of both worlds between a warm (but not too warm) cap and a beanie.  This is especially handy this time of year because all of my early morning runs are cold enough to require a beanie, but none of my beanies have a bill to keep the rising, low on the horizon sun out of my eyes.  This is especially annoying for me, as I will run up a mountain in the dark, enjoy the sunrise, then fumble my way down with my hand up in their trying to block the sun so that I can see.  

The Meridian Thermal Cap completely solves this issue and I love that you can securely flip up the lower “ear flap” section when it warms up.  

On recent runs, I have flipped the flaps up/down many times depending on wind, shade, aspect and elevation.  The Meridian materials, while lightweight, have a very nice warmth to weight ratio and is exceptionally breathable, comfortable and quick drying.

Sunday Afternoons Meridian Thermal Beanie ($36)

Jeff V:  With the same colors, fabrics/materials as the Meridian Thermal Cap, the Meridian Thermal Beanie performs quite similarly to the cap, but without the bill and with added sunglass holder if you want to tuck the sunglass arms in to store your glasses on you head when not in use.  These are secure and easier to operate than some other hats I have reviewed.  I kind of wish this feature were included on every hat.

Sunday Afternoons Blazin’ Cap ($38)

Jeff V:  Very similar use case as the Meridian Thermal Cap, but is thicker, warmer and has wind protection, as the front panel and fold away earflaps are made from 100% windproof fleece to retain heat, while the top and sides are made from 100% breathable nylon fleece as to not get too hot.  Features such as a soft foam insert on the brim, wicking sweatband, UPF 50+ protection and water repellent brim finish makes the Blazin’ Cap a very smart choice in cold, windy, inclement weather.  

While perhaps not the most stylish hat, I have certainly hit the age where I just want gear that works and the Blazin’ Cap certainly delivers.

Sunday Afternoons Breezblocker Mountain Reflection Beanie ($30)

Jeff V:  The Breezeblocker Mountain Reflection Beanie is a thick, warm beanie made for those really cold days, made of an ultra soft acrylic knit, double layer insulation, windproof fleece earband. 

It has a clever set of small holes in the headband to line up with the ears for better hearing (though will admit it made not difference to me, but my hearing is not the best either way).  

Ideal use for this hat would be cold days of low output snowshoeing, walking, apres ski, or just day to day as I typically do in the Wintertime.