Stacked Fields, Golden Tickets, & Thoughts From the Lead Pack (Ep.116)

The 2022 ultrarunning season is in full swing, and it’s already off to a super interesting — and super competitive — start. So in this ‘Race Edition’ of Running Through the News, Salomon athlete, Leah Yingling (who’s already been on major podiums twice this year), joined us to recap Transgrancanaria, Gorge Waterfalls, and Lake Sonoma before previewing the stacked fields at both Madeira Island Ultra Trail and Canyons 100k.


  • Why moving to Utah will make you faster (1:17)
  • Racing across the Canary Islands (7:29)
  • Descending like a Euro (12:02)
  • Chasing waterfalls at Gorge 100k (17:38)
  • Death by 1000 cuts at Lake Sonoma 50 (30:00)
  • Western States Golden Ticket predictions (37:18)
  • Will records fall at the 100k road championship? (47:37)