Spark R&D founder, Will Ritter, on the Current State of Splitboarding (Ep.196)

This week we talk with Spark R&D founder, Will Ritter, about the current happenings at Spark; compare the splitboarding and backcountry skiing communities and gear trends; go over design highlights from their current lineup; and more. (And Spark R&D is hiring, so go work for them, then come on GEAR:30 and tell us about it.)


  • Bozeman backcountry conditions (3:54)
  • Spark R&D: Background (5:52)
  • Spark’s new building (7:35)
  • Current supply chain & shipping logistics (13:00)
  • Splitboarding State of the Union (19:40)
  • Ski Touring Gear vs. Splitboarding Gear (23:36)
  • Touring gear that never sees the backcountry (28:45)
  • Weight preferences & the “gram race” (32:38)
  • Spark R&D’s latest product developments (35:41)
  • Biggest improvements across the industry? (40:58)
  • What We’re Celebrating (52:00)