Snowboarding Pioneer, Kimmy Fasani (Ep.215)

Kimmy Fasani is a pioneer of women’s snowboarding, mother of two, partner of Chris Benchetler, author, and (among other things) someone who has been dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis. So we checked in with Kimmy to talk about how she’s doing, what she’s been learning, and what we can learn from her.


  • Being diagnosed with breast cancer (1:10)
  • Paying attention to signals (5:17)
  • Growing up, getting into snowboarding (12:03)
  • Meeting Chris Benchetler (14:48)
  • Current state of snowboarding (15:47)
  • Self care (19:05)
  • How has this diagnosis affected your priorities? (23:00)
  • Dealing with anger & curveballs (28:39)
  • How do you feel today?? (32:47)
  • Body Transformations (38:18)
  • What else should we know?? (47:36)
  • What can we do to help? (49:48)
  • The Benchetler Fasani Foundation (50:46)