Salomon Ultra Glide | Blister

Who’s It For?

Matt: Good question! I’d say for the recreational runner not pushing the weekly mileage and who does most of their running on non-technical trails, the Ultra Glide makes an awesome daily trainer. For $140 you’re getting a versatile and durable product that outcompetes many models in its category. Higher-mileage folks can benefit from the shoe during recovery runs or lean on its ample cushioning for longer efforts. It’s likely not the best option for those with very wide feet, though I suspect it is capable of accomodating most foot types.

Gordon: I think Salomon’s Mike Ambrose summed up the Ultra Glide’s intended purpose pretty well on our Off the Couch Podcast a few months ago — it’s the brand’s answer to all the people who say, “Salomon’s great, but their shoes are just too narrow and/or firm for me.”

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight yet cushioned shoe for up-tempo runs on moderate terrain or for a comfortable “all-day” shoe for your next long run / race, I think the Ultra Glide should be on your radar. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for true speed work (e.g. intervals on a track) — but that’s also not at all what it’s designed for. Similarly, the Ultra Glide probably wouldn’t be the best choice for extremely steep, technical, and/or muddy terrain. But for most other applications, I think the Ultra Glide’s soft cushioning, accommodating fit, and light weight will work pretty well for a wide variety of folks.

Bottom Line

Matt: Salomon’s reputation as a premier shoemaker in the trail space is in no danger after releasing the Ultra Glide. As latecomers to the maximal shoe explosion, they’ve created a model that circumvents common problems faced by their peers. With few exceptions, runners of all types are getting a versatile, durable, and stable shoe suited for most trails. While use cases will vary based on level of training, the Ultra Glide is well equipped to serve as a daily driver for recreational runners or a long-distance option for more serious athletes.

Gordon: The Salomon Ultra Glide is, in my humble opinion, the best high-cushion shoe Salomon has ever made. I haven’t found many shoes that combine low weight, comfortable cushion, and an excellent fit as well as the Ultra Glide, and so far that combination has kept me coming back to the Ultra Glide for all types of runs. Whether you’re a Salomon diehard looking for a slightly softer option or have previously avoided Salomon’s shoes in favor of brands that offer softer shoes, I think the Ultra Glide is well worth a closer look.