Running Socks Roundup — 2022 | Blister Gear Review

Fabric: 28% COOLMAX®, 67% Nylon, 5% Lycra®
MSRP: $16.00
Size Tested: Men’s Medium
Reviewer Shoe Size: US Men’s 10.5

Drew: I had some reservations about trying the Injinji Run Lightweight Crew sock, having never tried a toe sock before, but it quickly became a favorite option of mine. Initially, there was a learning curve for getting each toe situated correctly, but after about thirty miles, this process has since become quite routine.

The weight of the Run Lightweight Crew seems to balance durability with breathability — it’s not the thinnest running sock I own, but it seems to breathe like it. And like its weight, this is a sock that also balances softness with a precise fit well, even through the individuated toes, which have yet to slip off or wrinkle.

“But what’s the point of the toe-sock thing anyway?” is the obvious question here. According to Injinji, a toe sock not only reduces the risk of blistering on your toes by isolating each toe and thereby reducing friction, it enables you to use your whole foot when running, as opposed to scrunching everything together in the typically shaped sock. So far, both claimed benefits have proven to be true for me.

My remaining question is how the sock will wear over time, and whether the individualized toes will be weak points. I’ll report back if I notice any abnormal durability issues, but so far, so good.