Rossignol’s Recyclable “Essential” Ski, with David Bouvier (Ep.201)

I’m currently in France, and sat down with Rossignol’s David Bouvier to talk about Rossignol’s unique “Essential” ski, which is vastly more recyclable than any traditionally constructed ski. David and I discuss the origin of the project; the challenges posed by making the circular economy of a ski a priority; who this Essential ski is for; and how this project will influence other Rossignol products.


  • David’s role(s) at Rossignol (2:52)
  • Rossignol’s history (4:04)
  • The “Essential” ski (7:01)
  • Stats on ski waste and landfills (11:17)
  • David’s product-development history (14:15)
  • More details on Essential (22:26)
  • Biggest challenges (28:24)
  • The 7 materials (39:06)
  • A new way forward (47:36)
  • When & where will the ski be available? (48:42)