Reynolds on the Environmental Footprint of Bike Manufacturing (Ep.131)

Reynolds is one of the biggest names in steel and titanium bike frame tubing, and they’ve just released a very interesting report on the environmental impact of their various product lines. So we sat down with their General Manager, Martin Shepherd, to talk about why Reynolds went through the effort to produce the study and what they hoped to learn from it; what Reynolds is doing to curb their own emissions; how and why all recycling isn’t created equal; and along the way we get into Spitfire airplanes, Jaguar race cars, Roman swords, and a whole lot more.


  • Starling Cycles & the impetus for Reynolds’ study (2:38)
  • Spitfires, Jaguar race cars, & the lifecycle of steel (4:44)
  • Goals for the study (12:45)
  • What Reynolds learned (13:43)
  • Recycling, bulletproof cars, and Roman swords (21:38)
  • Reynolds’ next steps (33:20)
  • Where other companies should start (35:06)
  • Steel vs. other materials (42:20)
  • Martin’s Big Idea (44:53)