Revel Bikes’ Adam Miller on the new Rail 29 & the State of the Bike Industry (Ep.114)

Revel Bikes recently launched the new Rail 29, so we sat down with their founder, Adam Miller, to get the rundown on the new bike and its development process; navigating COVID & the maturation of the bike industry; the rest of the Revel lineup; wheel sizes and mullet-skepticism; and a whole lot more.


  • Check-in since last time (Ep. 25) (2:10)
  • Revel’s new Rail 29 (5:51)
  • Growth & navigating COVID (12:17)
  • The maturation of the bike industry (27:21)
  • Revel bike lineup (31:19)
  • Wheel sizes (37:50)
  • Adam’s Big Idea (48:53)