Regenerative Farming, Cow Cuddling, & More (Ep.223)

​​In Part 2 of our series, Kara and I talk with Lynsey Gammon, the Farm Director at Gracie’s Farm at The Lodge at Blue Sky, in Park City, Utah. Lynsey details how she got into farming; the relationship between climate change and topsoil health; the process of turning barren soil into a thriving farm; local food and seasonality; how farmers and chefs can work together; bee dinners & cow cuddling; women and farming; and more.


  • What is Gracie’s Farm? (4:35)
  • How Lynsey got into farming (6:18)
  • Transforming ranch land to farmable land (9:11)
  • Climate Change & Topsoil Health (16:22)
  • Mtn Town Visitors & Local Food (21:23)
  • Seasonality (25:50)
  • Chef & Farmer Relationship (31:51)
  • Women & Farming (38:57)
  • Action Items / Lessons from Gracie’s Farm (41:40)
  • Cow Cuddling (45:02)