REEB on Beer, MTB Design, & Doing Things Differently (Ep.121)

Mountain bikes and beer are a classic combination, but there aren’t many bike companies that were literally founded in a brewery. REEB is one, though (the name is a clue there), and as you might expect from a bike company with as interesting an origin story as theirs, REEB does a lot of things differently. So we sat down with Jeff Lenosky and Adam Prosise to get the rundown on the company history; talk about their model lineup and how each one came about; discuss manufacturing frames in Colorado, and a whole lot more.


  • REEB’s origin story (3:16)
  • Jeff & Adam joining REEB (7:01)
  • REEB’s design philosophy (15:38)
  • Redikyelous (20:11)
  • Sqweeb (21:45)
  • SST (28:09)
  • BREWser (38:32)
  • Jeff’s Big Idea (49:27)
  • Adam’s Big Idea (50:16)