Rae Morrison on 8 Years on the EWS, Race Strategies, & Forging Her Own Path (Ep.129)

Rae Morrison has been at the pointy end of the EWS circuit for the better part of the series’ existence, and we caught up with her shortly before the upcoming Whistler EWS race to talk about how the series has evolved over the years, and what Rae would do differently if she were in charge; the injury and recovery that spurred her to pursue a career as a pro racer in the first place; her bike setup preferences; her unique team setup and balancing both sides of her relationship with her husband and mechanic, Jesse; and a whole lot more.


  • Rae’s MTB origins (2:06)
  • Injuries & committing to racing (10:08)
  • Racing as a privateer (15:53)
  • Making the leap to a factory team (19:54)
  • EWS over the years (28:20)
  • Rae’s favorite places to ride & race (35:32)
  • The 2022 EWS season (36:45)
  • Relationship dynamics (43:22)
  • Bike setup preferences (51:22)
  • Rae’s Big Idea (57:35)