Over The Edge on Trail Building, Travel, & Rampage (Ep.127)

We sat down with Troy, Paul, Pierce, and Jonah from Over The Edge — our Blister Recommended Shop in Fruita, CO; Hurricane, UT; Todos Santos, Mexico; and Melrose, Australia — to talk about the unique history of OTE; building trails in the early days of mountain biking; the development of mountain bike towns; travel & MTB destinations; servicing bikes at Rampage; and a whole lot more.


  • Over The Edge’s origin story (4:13)
  • Expansion & the growth of MTB towns (6:12)
  • Trail building (13:25)
  • Paul’s involvement & maturation (20:50)
  • The OTE customer (25:30)
  • Service turnarounds & saving trips (30:11)
  • Travel & MTB towns (32:39)
  • The Hurricane shop (35:53)