Optics & the Eyewear Industry with Julbo CEO, Dave Crothers (Ep.210)

Fact: you do your research when it comes to your ski & bike & trail gear. But what about your sunglasses and goggles — the gear that literally determines how well or how poorly you’ll be able to see? Julbo CEO, Dave Crothers, makes the case that there’s a whole lot more to lens technology that you ought to be considering, and … that lenses are not all pretty much the same. You’re definitely going to want to hear him out.


  • Julbo & Dave’s background (4:08)
  • The Eyewear Industry Today (17:55)
  • Differences in Lenses (20:10)
  • Photochromic or Photochromatic? (30:51)
  • Evolution of photochromic lenses – (33:06)
  • “Categories” (36:23)
  • Polarized lenses (38:43)
  • Forte of photochromic lenses?
  • “High Contrast” vs “Light Amplifier”
  • Closing Remarks: DYR (50:27)
  • What We’re Celebrating (53:03)