On Our Blister ‘Crash Course’ Snow Blade Video (Ep.208)

Crashes. Backlfips. Rambo. The wobbles. Somersaults. I talk with Blister reviewers Luke Koppa, Kristin Sinnott, Dylan Wood, & Sascha Anastas to take you behind the scenes of our day of snow blading, and answer all the big questions, like: why no ski poles; telemark vs. snowblading; & more.


  • Was Tele Skiing or Snow Blading harder? (1:48)
  • The Wobbles (8:25)
  • Ski Poles (18:21)
  • Dylan in the Park (24:08)
  • Rambo (27:21)
  • Hardest & easiest parts of blading? (39:22)
  • Will you be blading more or less? (45:04)
  • Next: Snowboard ‘Crash Course’ Video? (50:20)