Norrøna Owner & CEO, Jørgen Jørgensen, on Norrøna’s History & Design Philosophy (Ep.265)

Norrøna has been making gear since 1929, and this family-owned company aims to make the best outdoor recreation products on the market. But that’s easier said than done, so I spoke with Jørgen Jørgensen — the 4th-generation owner & CEO of Norrøna — about the brand’s approach to product design & testing, and the origins, evolution, and future of the brand.

Origins & Evolution of Norrøna (4:32)
Customer Satisfaction (31:39)
Product Testing (34:03)
Quality Assurance & Durability (41:14)
Making the “Best Products” (47:46)
Blister Labs & Current Standards (51:38)
PFAS (56:20)
Some of Jørgen’s Favorite Norrøna Products (1:01:35)

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