New Image Brewing on Constant Experimentation, Inspiration, & Evolution (Ep.1)

Today, we’ve got the very first episode of our latest podcast, CRAFTED. On CRAFTED, we dive deep into the craft world to explore how things get made, and do so with the remarkable people who insist on making things well.

We’re kicking off the podcast by talking with Brandon Capps, the founder and owner of New Image Brewing in the Denver area of Colorado. Brandon is not only part of the reason we launched CRAFTED, he’s also someone who is exceptionally good at — and passionate about — discussing the intricacies of brewing, growing a business, and doing things differently. We cover all of that and more, including what other breweries inspire him; coming up with 600+ beer recipes over the years; New Image’s constant production of new one-off beers vs. year-round options; and what truly makes a “Craft” company.


  • Jonathan & Brandon’s history (2:31)
  • CRAFTED Kick Off (6:35)
  • What is New Image Brewing? (8:15)
  • Growing a brewing company (11:53)
  • What we’re drinking (Fanny Pack) (14:51)
  • How New Image does things differently (19:25)
  • What makes a “Craft” company? (24:30)
  • Brandon’s background in engineering (30:28)
  • Brandon’s evolving personal preferences (36:08)
  • Curveball: psychedelic revolution (40:55)
  • ABV pop quiz (48:31)
  • Future segment: How to Pour Beer (49:53)
  • What other breweries inspire Brandon? (54:36)
  • One-offs vs. year-round beers (1:01:35)
  • Where is New Image found? (1:05:36)