New Binding Tech: Tyrolia Protector Bindings with Full Heel Release

Tyrolia’s Protector bindings with “Full Heel Release” is something that every skier ought to know about. Tyrolia calls it “the safest binding we have ever made,” and exactly how it works and how it’s supposed to reduce knee injuries is the topic of this conversation with Andrew Couperthwait, VP of Winter Sports for HEAD / Tyrolia.

Andrew and I get into the design details; what differentiates it from other bindings on the market; where this Full Heel Release technology might go; and more.

Overview of Protector Bindings (4:10)
How Traditional Alpine Bindings Release (5:51)
Protector Technology (8:19)
Backwards Twisting Falls (10:57)
Two Distinct Movements (16:12)
Why 7mm? (20:22)
Retention (25:24)
Knee Bindings vs. Protector Bindings (32:17)
ISO Norms & Boot Soles (36:07)
Look Pivot vs Protector Bindings (40:44)
Priorities: Release or Retention? (46:49)
Development of Protector Technology (49:22)
Product Evolution (52:24)
Where to Find Protector Bindings (58:56)
Crashes & Close Calls (1:00:59)
What We’re Celebrating (1:12:37)

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