MountainFLOW Brand Guide – Snowsports

Ski racers demand the highest level of performance, speed, and durability out of their wax, and mountainFLOW’s Race Wax is designed to provide just that. 

Most other race waxes are made using fluorocarbons, a toxic substance that doesn’t break down. A study published in December 2020 found fluorocarbons matching the same type used in ski wax in the snow, soil, and water near a cross-country ski track following a collegiate race. The study suggested that ski wax use was the main source of fluorocarbon contamination at the site. 

Not only this, but fluorocarbons are a known carcinogen. If you are waxing using fluoro race waxes, you are potentially inhaling some of the evaporated fluorocarbons in the wax, which has the potential to be very dangerous for your health.

Fluoro waxes are problematic for several reasons, and fluorocarbon wax bans are in place at certain levels of competition with a more universal ban likely to take place soon. While many ski wax companies are working to implement fluorocarbon alternatives, mountainFLOW is already ahead of the game with their Race Wax, which utilizes their exclusive Ceramic Nanotechnology. This substance (which was originally developed by the Department of Defense) is naturally derived, biodegradable, and non-toxic, and is used in other applications such as on the rails of luge sleds (for more on Ceramic Nanotechnology and fluorocarbons, listen to episode 175 of the GEAR:30 podcast).

MountainFLOW offers their race wax in three temperature ranges:

  • Cold: -5 to 15º F (-21 to -9º C)
  • Cool: 10 to 25º F (-12 to -4º C)
  • Warm: 20 to 36º F (-7 to 2º C)