Mountain Towns & Local Food Systems, Pt. 1: Setting the Stage (Ep.221)

This week I’m talking with our very own Kara Williard, who, when she’s not testing skis or doing a million other things for us at BLISTER, is raising chickens and growing food in the Gunnison Valley. We discuss what it means to build and support local food systems in mountain towns; the best practices for growing food in these cold climates; chicken tractors and therapy chickens; and the many ways that you can get involved with local food in your community.


  • Kara’s Background (2:06)
  • Tim’s Question (9:04)
  • What’s a Local Food System? (10:39)
  • Who are the players? (11:47)
  • Growing participation in CSA’s (21:52)
  • Farmers’ Markets (27:03)
  • What else individuals can do (28:40)
  • Greenhouses (31:43)
  • Eating Regionally & Food Literacy (35:47)
  • Other methods & technologies(37:23)
  • Local Food & Environmental Health (40:55)
  • Kara’s farm: Sunny Sage Farm (45:55)