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First Impressions and Fit

Jeff V:  I like the look of the shoe and I am a sucker for aggressively lugged shoes, as well as BOA, but the Agravic Pro is much heavier than I expected.  Sliding my foot in, they feel long and narrow, not necessarily too long in regards to fit, but something feels a bit out of proportion.  

I appreciate the BOA dial and it provides a nice lockdown, however I have a bit of trouble achieving secure heel hold.  While the lack of lockdown in the heel does not create any true lift or rubbing, it is just enough to be bothersome and contribute to a lack of confidence in controlling the shoe.


Jeff V:  The “Protective, Sustainable” upper is very substantial, high quality, durable and indeed protective, yet simultaneously somewhat stiff, heavy and warm.  I do not find the upper to be particularly breathable and combined with the black color, I would avoid wearing these during warmer months.  

The single BOA dial lateral fit system does provide a nice snug lockdown, but as I mentioned above, heel hold is less than ideal and I do not think sizing down would help with this, as I feel the length is just right and any shorter my toes would be bumping the front.  

The toe bumper is very substantial and there is a near 360 degree rand that offers impeccable protection when using them in rocky, technical terrain.  

The heel counter is very stiff and gives good protection and I do like the extended Neoprene cuff that extends the heel collar and forms a booty like entry with no tongue.  There is a nice substantial heel tab to aid foot entry which is appreciated.


Jeff V:  The Lightstrike midsole, with embedded carbon plate feels very firm, stiff and not particularly lively.  I think this midsole in a lighter shoe, perhaps without a carbon plate might feel more lively and forgiving, however the overall combination here is not very forgiving or energetic.  For slower paces and rough terrain, it is protective and predictable.  The shape of the shoe is particularly rockered which aids some in forward motion, but is so rockered and stiff that I sometimes feel off balance.


Jeff V:  The Continental rubber outsole is perhaps the biggest asset for the Agravic Pro, as the 5mm lugs are deep, aggressively shaped and the rubber is sticky.  Unfortunately I have not been able to test in truly wet conditions, but the little bit that I did they felt well held.  Grip is very good on just about every surface I have run on, be it loose off trail dirt and scruff, snow, mud, rocky trails, hardpack, etc….  

My only complaint though about this outsole is the long, deep groove in the midfoot to heel of the shoe, which is prone to collecting rather large stones.


Jeff V:  The ride is firm, stiff and rigid, to the point where it is somewhat cumbersome to try and run in the Agravic Pro.  They are definitely not designed to move fast, or if they were, adidas has missed the mark here.  Because of the rigidity (fore/aft and laterally), they are very difficult to maneuver over rocky, technical terrain.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Jeff V:  I find the Agravic Pro to be a difficult shoe to actually run in, as they are heavy, stiff and difficult to move quickly or maneuver in technical terrain.  That said, they do make a solid hiking shoe and because of the tread, security and protection, and they  do well in loose terrain, snowy trails and rocky terrain at slower paces.  At $220 and given their limitations, I would have trouble recommending them, as there are many shoes out there that run better for a far lower price and you are paying a premium for the carbon plate, which does not work well here.

Jeff V’s Score:  7.7 /10

Ride: 7 – even as a hiking shoe, a bit unnecessarily stiff/rigid resulting in poor ground feel

Fit: 7 – the lack of security in the heel is the entire reason for this lesser number

Value: 7 – the Agravic Pro is very durable with high quality materials and a BOA, but $220 is a premium price for a carbon plated hiker.

Style: 8 

Traction: 9.5 – Continental rubber is very effective on varied surfaces.

Rock Protection: 10 – with a carbon plate, you can step on anything and not feel it.


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Speedland SL:PDX (RTR Review)

Jeff V:  Both carbon plated and featuring BOA fit, the Sppedland is more than an ounce lighter and feels even lighter than that.  The Speedland has less cushion, but the cushion is much softer/friendlier and has almost the same level of protection.  The removable carbon plate of the Speedland is also more flexible and conforms to terrain underfoot without feeling excessively rigid.  The dual BOA of the Speedland combined with Dyneema upper is much more soft, comfortable, well held and conforming.  Traction is comparable.

The North Face Flight Vectiv  (RTR Review)

Jeff V:  The Vectiv also has a carbon plate and is lighter and more responsive, but is comparably stiff and unsuited for running or even hiking in technical terrain, which is further complicated by the ill fitting and insecure upper.  The Agravic Pro is more suited for slower paces on more rugged terrain, where the Vectiv is better for faster paces on straight line non technical terrain.

STR/KE MVMT Vimana Carbon Runner  (RTR Review)

Jeff V:  While I like the comfort and style of the Vimana, the carbon plate seems a bit unnecessary for a shoe that I find to be much better suited for casual use or light hiking.  The Agravic Pro has significantly better traction and is better suited for all mountain terrain, but is an ounce heavier.

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Agravic Pro available now! 


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