Men’s MTB Jersey Roundup — 2022

It uses a synthetic fabric that’s made with “brrr®” fibers; brrr reports that their fibers offer enhanced moisture wicking, increased drying rates, and a legitimately cooler-to-the-touch feel relative to your run-of-the-mill synthetics. And while I was skeptical, there are definitely some real-world effects. No, wearing the Skyline Tee doesn’t feel like you just got sprayed with ice water, but it does feel a bit cooler on the skin than pretty much any jersey I’ve used. And I think brrr’s two other claims are equally important; this piece does an excellent job of moving moisture and allowing it to evaporate, which adds to the cool feeling (especially when there’s a light breeze). Combined with the open-knit fabric’s already high level of breathability, all of that makes the Skyline an easy call when I want to stay cool in hot temps.

Neat fabric aside, the Skyline features a fairly average fit; it’s not as roomy as Dharco’s jerseys, but not quite as slim as the Patagonia Merino ¾ Sleeve Jersey. As a non-bike-specific top, the Skyline isn’t cut as long as many bike-specific jerseys (apart from its sleeves, which hit me near the elbow), but I still don’t have any issues with it riding up above my waist while bent over the handlebars. If you’ve got a long torso, though, that may be something to consider. On the flip side, the Skyline also just looks very normal, and I know I’ll be using it a whole lot for things like hot hikes, fishing, etc.

As for the smell factor, so far, the Skyline doesn’t seem quite as quick to stink as Dharco’s jerseys, but like most synthetics, I doubt I’ll be able to get myself to use it for more than a couple of days before feeling the need to give it a wash.

I can’t yet comment on the Skyline’s long-term durability, but I’d expect it to be pretty average for a lightweight synthetic jersey. If you want something that makes hot rides (and trail runs, hikes, or just everyday life in the heat) more bearable, I definitely recommend checking it out. 

(And if you’re interested in a pair of shorts with similar traits, Strafe’s Ridgeline Short should also be on your list; I’ll be talking about that in our next Stuff We Like roundup, but for now, I’ll just say that I’m a big fan of it for hot rides, runs, and daily use.)