LoamLab Components Grips and Counterpunch


The LoamLab grips are thin, at 29 mm in diameter, and short, at 115 mm long. The slightly shorter overall length makes positioning your other handlebar controls easy, and the thinner diameter has helped to reduce my hand fatigue. The rubber used in the grips is tacky without falling apart in my hands, didn’t get slippery when wet, and it also does a good job of not feeling vague or twisting under my hand while riding (as some grips with thicker rubber can).

To address their biggest selling point, I would agree that the reshaping of the inner core of the grip, and the placement of the material as a result of that reshaping, does result in a grip that feels very comfortable and cushioned, given that it is both a lock-on and quite thin. Is it more comfortable than a slide-on (like an ESI)? No, but it is certainly more comfortable than something like an ODI Ruffian. And compared to slide-on grips, the LoamLab grips have the added benefit of two locking collars to help keep the grips from moving or twisting. It does what it says it does.