Lazer KinetiCore (Ep.112) | Blister Bikes & Big Ideas Podcast

Rotational impact protection in bike helmets has deservedly gotten a lot of attention in recent years, and MIPS has long been the pioneering technology in that space. But Lazer thought there was a lighter, more comfortable, more breathable way to accomplish the same goals, and developed KinetiCore to do just that. And so we sat down with Lazer’s Head of Marketing for North America, Chris Smith, to get the rundown on what KinetiCore is supposed to do and how it does it; why Lazer went to the effort to develop their own technology; helmet testing standards and safety; and a whole lot more.


  • KinetiCore design goals (1:37)
  • Helmet testing standards around the world (14:22)
  • KinetiCore design details (22:45)
  • Virginia Tech’s helmet testing & KinetiCore helmet lineup (26:15)
  • Jackyl KinetiCore MTB helmet & Accessory mount safety (35:28)
  • Chris’ Big Idea (46:34)