Jess Blewitt is a Natural (Ep.119)

Jess Blewitt first rode a mountain bike in 2018, but her list of accomplishments is already extensive — including being the two-time New Zealand DH National Champ and having earned a top-ten finish at World Championships — and she’s only 19. So we had Jess on to talk about how she’s put it all together so quickly and how her background as a ski racer helped; her career highlights to date; her brutal crash at Snowshoe and how she recovered from it so quickly; what she’s got planned for 2022 — including a very intriguing teaser — and much more.


  • Ski racing & transitioning to MTB (2:21)
  • Learning to ride a DH bike & starting to race (6:54)
  • Jess’ incredible 2021 season (12:18)
  • Formation (15:11)
  • Snowshoe crash & recovery (22:54)
  • NZ National Champs (27:41)
  • Fort William update (30:54)
  • Racing vs. freeriding & doing both (33:34)
  • What’s next? (37:55)