How We Test & Review Gear, Pt 1

Blister reviewers, Paul Forward, Jonathan Ellsworth, Kara Williard, and Dylan Wood talk about how they approach testing and reviewing gear; how this applies to anyone trying something new; how to make the most of a ski demo; and more.

Presented by: Whistlepig Whiskey & Athletic Brewing

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  • Introductions 00:00
  • First Run on New Gear 3:02
  • Reference Points & Eliminating Variables 9:12
  • How Long to Test a Product? 16:10
  • Choosing Skis to Improve Specific Skiing Style? 19:56
  • How Much Research We do Before Testing a Product 24:15
  • How We Review for Less Experienced Skiers 26:47
  • Testing Boots & Difficulties re: Fit 33:07
  • Defining “Playfulness” 36:17
  • Implementation of Quantitative Testing / Blister Labs 38:11