How to Pick The Right Ski Clothes for Winter

Before you can spend a day skiing on the mountain, make sure you have all the attire necessary to stay warm, dry, and comfortable all day. If you’re a beginner, you might be wondering what to wear skiing for the first time. What type of clothes and gear you need can also depend on what kind of skiing you’re participating in—downhill or cross-country. 

What you should wear cross-country skiing is often different than what you would wear downhill, due to the increased level of physical activity. And, of course, weather conditions and skiing location can help further determine what type of layers you should wear.

Regardless of what type of skiing you’re planning to do, you’ll want to wear waterproof snow pants and a snow jacket. When it comes to what to wear under ski pants for skiing, you’ll want a layer that will keep you warm while also wicking sweat away from your body. This will help regulate your body temperature so you can perform your best on the slopes.