High Performance Water Filtration on the Go!

Article by Jeff Valliere

Lifestraw Peak Series Collapsible Squeeze 1L / .6L Flasks With Filter

Dimensions .6L: 4.”1 x 10”, 1L 4.7” x 12.1”

Weight: .6L 3.2oz / 102g, 1L 3.9oz / 110g

Price: .6L $32.95 / $37.95

The Lifestraw Peak Series Flasks are collapsible soft flasks that allow filtration on the go. removing 99.999999% of bacteria, and 99.999% of parasites and micro plastics from water. 


BPA Free, FDA approved, premium materials.

Includes: LifeStraw Peak Series collapsible squeeze bottle with screw top can and tether, backwash accessory.

The bottle is very thick, durable and high quality feeling with an equally high quality cap and filter.  Perhaps some corners could be cut to save weight, but I think a few extra grams for this level of quality is very worthwhile.

The Peak Series flasks come with a backwash accessory, which screws onto the filter to help clean out and purge any contaminated water and help dry the filter out.

The modular design is great for versatility and interchangeability.


Jeff V:  The performance of the Lifestraw Peak Series is the best I have tried of any type of filter (and I have used many over the years, either pump style for backpacking or quick to go style bottle filters).  I appreciate the high quality, modular design that is very easy to operate, easy to clean and I am always confident that it is going to work.

I am also very appreciative that unlike other brands I have used, the water tastes clear and clean (I guess some of this depends on your water source of course), but as I always drink from the same creeks, I have noticed that with the Lifestraw, I do not get any sort of unpleasant filtered taste.

For running specifically, the .6L size does not fit in any of the hydration vest pockets, at least not of any of the vests that I own (Salomon, Camelbak, Ultimate Direction), BUT, the filter cap will fit select Salomon and UD bottles (see below), which is really handy.  Alternatively, you can bring along your Lifestraw Peak bottle and use it to simply filter and squeeze your water straight into your own vest flasks or other bottles.

My only minor nitpick is that the filter is long enough that it sticks more than 3” down into the flask, so when the bottle is full, it is easy to drink out of, but as the bottle empties, one may have the inclination to tilt it back to get every last drop, but then the filter is sucking air instead of water.  It takes a little finesse to manipulate the flask such that you are always getting water into the filter as the bottle empties.  This is a very minor issue and a small price to pay for having the best filter bottle on the market.

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Peak Series Squeeze Bottles and Straw available at REI!


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