Great Gear Sure to Make Mom Happy

Great Gear Sure to Make Mom Happy

Mothers are the hardest working group on the planet, and Mother’s Day was created to help us make sure our moms know how much we value them. With that in mind, adventure-loving mothers deserve exceptional gifts on this day of honor, and we found a few items worthy of the women who raised us.

Flume Botanicals

With three formulas, Drift products help adventurers take care of their healthy before and after physical activity, and during sleep.

Flume Flow provides a pre-workout boast of energy and stamina, with a bit of Himalayan sea salt added for an electrolyte kick-start as you start your adventure. After your work-out, mix up a drink of Flume Bask to help rehydrate your tired body. A blend of turmeric, black pepper, hops, lemon verbena, and coconut water helps reduce inflammation that results in muscle soreness and therefore helps spread recovery after a hard workout. A teaspoon full of Bask mixed with a glass of water proved incredibly refreshing and helpful in fighting post-workout fatigue.

Come bedtime, a capsule of Flume Drift helps relax your mind and body enough to ease you into a peaceful night of sleep. The all-natural blend of Ashwagandha, California poppy, hopes, and magnesium harvest from sea water provides a calming, relaxing effect without creating any fuzziness or disorientation. Any active outdoors mom will love the trio of Flume products. $115 for all three, $45 per individual product. Buy now.

High Camp Firelight Flask

After a year of Covid-forced restrictions, moms everywhere know the importance of always having a cool beverage readily available. The new color options of the Firelight Flask from High Camp make the outstanding flask even better. Your mom will especially like the compact Firelight 375 – the 375-ml version of the original Firelight Flask. The vacuum-insulated stainless-steel flask swallows half of a fifth of liquor or bottle of wine. The high-grade steel won’t leech into the fluids, keeping them pristine and perfectly flavored no matter how long the booze rides inside. And the Firelight 375 includes a tumbler that securely attach to the end of the flask via powerful magnets. The flask sports a wide mouth, so no funnel is needed to fill it, yet that mouth has a no-drip lip so you won’t spill even a drop of precious nectar. The Firelight 375 is $85, while the full 750-ml Firelight is $125. Buy now.

MiiR Camp Cup

Classic gear looks great, but performance seldom measures up to modern designs, even for something as seemingly simple as a camp cup. Drawing inspiration from the classic old blue enamel cups, MiiR offers their own modern Camp Cup in blue (or red) speckled design. The double-walled steel Camp Cup provides insulation for hot drinks – as well as cold cocktails. A press-to-fit lid keeps your drink secure when moving around camp, while a slide-open drink slot makes sipping simple and effective. $25. Buy Now

NiteIze Rechargeable LED Collar

Moms who love their dogs will appreciate the simple safety provided by the NiteIze Rechargeable LED Collar. The collar features a slim, flexible LED element that lights up the entire collar, providing a warm glow that makes your dog easily visible when out walking at night. The collar is available in a range of sizes and either blue or green light. We found a single charge lasted us for more than a week of long walks, and an hour or so plugged into a USB port recharged the collar. $25. Buy Now.