GEAR THERAPY! (Session #2) | GEAR:30 Podcast

When it comes to gear, we’ve all been there: loads of questions, crippling confusion, severe analysis paralysis. You need some help! So in our 2nd episode of GEAR THERAPY, Blister Member & Spokane-based ski patroller, Kam Smith, poses his most-pressing gear questions to me and Luke, and gets our best recommendations (and a bit of a tongue-lashing from me). Enjoy!

Meet Kam, Ski Patroller (4:10)
Kam’s Ski Boot Situation (9:45)
Our Suggestions (15:27)
Spokane Alpine Haus (21:51)
Kam’s Ski Quiver (27:12)
Our Recommendations (34:03)
Metal vs Non-Metal Skis (40:03)
Folsom (47:04)
Session Wrap Up (52:27)
Kam’s Crashes & Close Calls Story (56:18)

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