GEAR THERAPY! (Ep.256) | Blister GEAR:30 Podcast

When it comes to gear, we’ve all been there: loads of questions, crippling confusion, severe analysis paralysis. You need some help! So in this inaugural edition of GEAR THERAPY, Jason Verlinde — a self-described “average / normal / non-industry / non-pro Blister member” — poses some gear questions and conundrums to me and Luke Koppa, and “gets to confess my ignorance and state my real-world situation, with you experts weighing in, straightening me out, and steering me toward some products I might love.” Enjoy!

Gear Therapy Explained (3:36)
Why It’s Hard Out There for a GearHead (10:05)
Meet the Patient: Jason Verlinde (12:10)
Jason’s Ski Quiver (14:33)
Putting On Cold Ski Boots & Liners (20:35)
The Blister Approach to Reviews (33:00)
Line Blade & Steep Terrain (44:10)
“Loose and Surfy”? (52:55)
Crashes & Close Calls (1:00:08)
What We’re Celebrating (1:07:28)

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