Dr. Hal Rosenberg on Desert Magic, Standing Desks, & Running Healthy (Ep.122)

Over half of all runners will deal with an injury each year, but run enough miles and you’ll know that number is a lot closer to 100%. The irony is, unlike sports such as mountain biking or skiing – where what’s likely to get you in trouble is an unexpected fall or crash – most running injuries are easily preventable. So as folks ramp up their summer training, we figured it’d be a good time to bring Dr. Hal Rosenberg on to talk us through some simple tips for staying healthy out on the trails (and off the couch). Along the way, we get into Hal’s own experience racing ultras; how 100-milers make him better at treating athletes; the power of desert running; and a whole lot more — including, a very hot take on standing desks.


  • Hal’s background in sports medicine (2:17)
  • His current practice (4:44)
  • What exactly is a sports chiropractor? (5:16)
  • Getting into ultras (9:35)
  • The Javelina 100 (11:40)
  • Desert magic (13:29)
  • Running & treating athletes (14:42)
  • Favorite part of his job (17:23)
  • Thoughts on injury rates (20:31)
  • Pain & stoplights (24:27)
  • Common running injuries: trail vs. road (25:47)
  • How to beat the odds (31:51)
  • Graston, KT taping, & ART (37:15)
  • “What shoe should I run in?”(45:57)