Devon Yanko on the Umstead 100; Techno Music; & Doing What Excites You (Ep.115)

Devon Yanko’s resume speaks for itself. She’s had success at numerous signature races over her career, including victories at the Leadville 100, Javelina 100, and a 3rd place finish at Western States, to name a few. But after years of pursuing races for their prestige, she found her motivation drifting towards other goals. Thus was born Devon’s 2022 DY DIY Slam, an ambitious plan to run 5 100-mile races within the span of just a few months.

Blister running editor, Matt Mitchell, caught up with Devon after her overall win and course record run at the Umstead 100, the first race of her project. The two talk about Devon’s time running in the Bay Area and her recent move to Colorado before diving into her experience at Umstead 100; the performance-enhancing effects of techno music; the history of the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning; what led Devon to invent her own “DY DIY Slam”; and much more.


  • Devon’s running background (3:02)
  • What keeps her racing ultras (11:09)
  • Origins of the Bay Area’s “Ninja Loop” (14:19)
  • Moving to Salida, CO (22:13)
  • Winning the Umstead 100 & techno music (34:55)
  • Devon’s “DY DIY Slam” project (49:37)
  • How to run 5 100-milers in a single summer (1:00:25)