Deep Dives with Angel (May 2023) (Ep.260)

Angel Collinson just experienced “the best two weeks of my life,” so we discuss that; the process of self discovery; Sam Elias’ & Hillary Allen’s recent Open Mic pieces, and why writing is often wrestling; and then in our ‘Ask Angel’ segment, we go over a number of the questions that you had for Angel.


  • The Best 2 Weeks of Angel’s Life (2:19)
  • How to discover, “Who am I?” (14:22)
  • Work & Consumerism (24:05)
  • Sam Elias’ & Hillary Allen’s Open Mic Pieces (33:13)
  • Ask Angel (45:31)
  • What is the best part of your day? (46:12)
  • Biggest mistake you’ve made in your life? (48:32)
  • How to calm your mind re: making money? (55:53)
  • Favorite book of your voyage so far? (1:05:46)
  • Book suggestions in general? (1:09:33)