Deep Dives w/ Angel (July 2023) (Ep.270)

Angel Collinson is back to talk about her recent reunion with Sage Cattabriga-Alosa & Ian McIntosh, then we dive deep into some crucial relationship dynamics that we all need to better understand; vampire erotica; your ‘Ask Angel’ questions; our Open Mic Series; & more.

Bass Coast & Reconnecting w/ Sage & Ian (1:35)
Sage & Hobbying to the Max (7:23)
Couples Retreat (15:49)
Relationship Dynamics (18:38)
Being – and Staying – on the Same Team (23:00)
Importance of De-Escalation (33:19)
Communication Styles (38:10)
Angel’s Open Mic piece on Moving & Social Media (46:53)
Ask Angel: Endurance Sports? (57:05)
How Do You Decompress at the End of the Day? (1:04:28)

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