Danielle Snyder on Rewarding Failure, Taper Tantrums, & Mental Health in Ultrarunning (Ep.131)

You’ve probably encountered the adage that running is 90 percent mental, yet despite this feeling (and how true it may be), most runners dedicate the majority of their training to making sure they’re physically fit. But the brain fatigues too, so we talked with running coach and licensed clinical social worker, Danielle Snyder, about the importance of mindset training; the connection between mental well-being and physical performance; the problem with “mental toughness” in ultrarunning; why we should reward failure; embracing taper tantrums; and much more.


  • Women Who FKT update (1:38)
  • Hardrock 100 pacing (6:13)
  • Danielle’s background (8:30)
  • Combining social work with athletics (10:27)
  • Why athletes are an underserved population (11:40)
  • Founding Inner Drive Wellness (12:42)
  • Mindset training (14:55)
  • Ultrarunning & mental health (16:25)
  • Mental toughness vs. psychological flexibility (18:47)
  • What a healthy relationship with running looks like (20:40)
  • Why we shouldn’t run to destress (22:36)
  • Processing injury (25:13)
  • Thoughts on social media (27:06)
  • Has Covid changed how we talk about mental health? (30:16)
  • Rewarding failure (33:31)
  • Taper tantrums & post-race blues (39:42)