Craft ADV Nordic Speed 2 Multi Tester Review

Article by Dominique Winebaum and Jeff Valliere

Craft ADV Nordic Speed 2 ($140)

Dominique: Well and long known for its Nordic ski apparel, Craft Sportswear of Sweden offers a wide range of high performance gear and apparel for activities such as running, cycling, cross-country skiing, alpine & backcountry skiing, and mountain biking.  Craft Sportswear US is different from its European counterpart adding sportswear categories such as paddle tennis, trekking, yoga, and triathlon.  

Perhaps it is not surprising that Craft’s new line of products, running shoes, took only a few years to make great strides.   I recently tested and reviewed my first pair of Craft running shoes, the CTM Ultra 2 (RTR Review), a hybrid road/trail shoe coined by Craft pro David Laney as “the gravel bike of running shoes.”  I primarily ran on road and I would be still running in them if not for a new pair of Craft, the ADV Nordic Speed 2, a trail shoe that is also adequate for the road.  Presently in Park City, Utah, I have had access to plenty of trails (and roads) to test my ADV Nordic Speed 2 – mostly smoother surface trails with some gravel and with moderate inclines.  



Well designed upper with plenty of attention to details, including shoelace system 

Attractive and fun design

Comfortable trail shoe with a supple feel and a smooth ride

TPU beads insole enhances comfort when running road

Great fit and true to size

Jeff V:  Stable, versatile, protective, secure (with new laces), stylish



Shoelaces are a bit dainty for a trail shoe

Not an all terrain type of trail shoe

Jeff V:  laces, wet traction, a touch heavy


Samples: men’s  11.25oz  / 321 g US10 ::  women’s 9.14 oz / 259g US9

Full Stack Height: men’s 33 mm heel / 23.5 mm forefoot :: women’s  31 mm heel / 21.5 forefoot, 9.5mm drop 

Available now. $140

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