Cotton Canvas? DOD Outdoors Sugoi Fully Adjustable Chair Review

For this episode, Luke is reviewing a Japanese camp chair that’s truly different.  

It’s Fully Adjustable and is made from Cotton Canvas!

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DOD Outdoors Sugoi Fully Adjustable Chair 

What it is : What I have here today is a Japanese foldable chair that has some unique aspects to it. First off, the seating material is made from cotton and second, the chair is impressive adjustable.  It can be titled forward, backward and has 4 height adjustment levels.

Dimensions Stored : 16” tall x 14” wide x 2” deep 

Weight limit : 220lbs

Materials : Aluminum frame with nylon plastic, Cotton Canvas seat, and 600D Polyester reinforcements

Weight : 5lbs with the storage case

Available Colors : 


Olive Green


Price : At the time of filming, the chair is $99 on Amazon

Review Pros :

The quality is really good

The cotton is spark resistant

Very comfortable –

Large seating area

4 levels of adjustment

You can angle the seat forward or backward which is nice for when the ground isn’t flat or when you are going to be working at a table

Easy to assemble – impressive frame.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it

Fairly lightweight for what this chair is capable of. This is a car camping chair, not a backpacking one.

Pockets on the sides that are useable 

Storage bag has a nice carry handle which is comfortable. 

Back of the chair pocket

Review Cons :

Setup Instructions are in Japanese only but the company does offer English instructions online and in the future English instructions are said to be included. Or so the representative on Amazon says. 

The frame sleeves on the seat are a bit small and you will find that it can take a bit of work to get the frame poles to slide in

Outside of those points, I don’t have anything negative to say about this chair.  

Not a Con, Not a Pro :

When talking about price, for me I see it in the middle, it is definitely pricey but not overly so when you consider the size, materials, and functionality.  When you compare this to other camp chairs, there are plenty less functional chairs that cost a lot less and there are plenty less functional chairs that cost a lot more.  Know what I mean? 

Summary :

When it comes to foldable camp seating options there are plenty of them; this one here is an excellent option that I can easily recommend.  

Remember the purpose of this chair, it’s too heavy for backpacking but for car camping and so on, it’s perfect.  

It’s easy to setup, has some great features, excellent materials and is fully adjustable.  Adjustable in ways that most chairs are not.


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